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20 Questions to Ask Your Boarding School Tour Guide

Posted by Lauren Lewis on Dec 5, 2018 9:22:55 AM
Lauren Lewis

20 Questions to Ask Your Boarding School Tour Guide

Want to know what life’s really like at boarding school? Ask the real experts on campus—the students. If you are researching boarding schools, visiting campus is the best way to get a feel of the school culture. At many schools, including Saint James School, students serve as tour guides. Take advantage of your time with them and ask questions to get the student perspective on life at boarding school.

We asked our student tour guides to give us a list of useful questions they are asked on tours as well as questions they asked during their own campus visit to Saint James. We compiled the list below of the top 20 questions to ask your boarding school tour guide. In many cases, these questions will serve as the starting point to a meaningful conversation about the overall benefits of boarding school.

  1. How big are the classes?

  2. What is the workload like outside of the classroom? Will I be up doing homework all night?

  3. What is a typical day during the week like for a student?

  4. How do you feel boarding school is preparing you for college?

  5. How accessible are the teachers? How is your relationship with your teachers different being that you live on campus with them?

  6. What is the social life like at a boarding school? What do you do on weekends?

  7. How did you adjust to living away from home?

  8. Can parents get involved at the school?

  9. What kind of student fits in here?

  10. Is there diversity in the student body?

  11. What is the dress code?

  12. Do you have chapel services, and if so, what is that like?

  13. What is the sports culture like at this school?

  14. What kinds of opportunities are there in the arts?

  15. How safe will my child be on campus?

  16. What kind of community service opportunities are there?

  17. Can local students board as well?

  18. Are day students included in on-campus activities?

  19. What is an honor code?

  20. Why did you choose this school? Are you happy here?

Saint James School is a coeducational boarding and day school for students in grades 8-12 located in western Maryland. Learn more about SJS.

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